Get more opportunities to say, “approved.”

ScoreShuttle for business allows you to give your credit-challenged customers a digital solution to increase their scores. The result? Better credit for them. More revenue for you.


Use your partner portal or API key to enroll prospects direct.


Your customers use ScoreShuttle to grow their credit scores.


Receive an alert the minute your hot leads reach the goal score you set.

Stop losing deals over denied credit.

By offering your customers the tools to improve their credit, you can increase sales and add profitable value to your business. 


47% of consumers apply for credit each year.


30% of new loans are considered subprime.


20% of applicants are rejected based on credit.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York Survey, Dec 2018


ScoreShuttle helps a variety of businesses turn denied applications into approved deals.


1 in 5 consumers do not have the credit needed to purchase a new vehicle. ScoreShuttle allows dealerships to keep declined applicants in their funnel until they reach the score needed to close.


34% of mortgage denials are due to poor credit. ScoreShuttle partners with select lenders, mortgage brokers, and real estate agencies to offer prospective home buyers a solution to improve their credit.

Property Management

Rental vacancies can cost property management companies hundreds to even thousands of dollars overtime. ScoreShuttle helps property firms fill empty space with more credit favorable tenants.

Advanced lead management system

ScoreShuttle’s partner portal keeps leads in your internal sales funnel until they close.


Easy enrollment

Real-time reporting


Hot lead alerts

How your customers improve their credit

Once enrolled, you customers can use the ScoreShuttle software to increase their credit scores.

Automated dispute capabilities

E-learning score enhancement solutions


24/7 credit monitoring + ID theft protection

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