How We Help

ScoreShuttle helps businesses increase revenue by offering their declined and subprime customers the tools to improve their creditworthiness.

Industry Problems

Deal denials

Poor credit accounts for roughly 20% of deal denials. This staggering statistic causes many businesses to lose sales and miss out on additional revenue.

High interest rates

Subprime credit can lead to high interest rates, which may cause hopeful buyers to walk during negotiations.


Low credit scores may be caused by a customer’s lack of financial knowledge, which could lead to a costly default.

Lost leads

When you refer credit-challenged leads to a 3rd party, you may or may not hear from them again, potentially losing the lead altogether.

Poor timing

Not knowing a lead’s credit status can cause businesses to lose time following up too soon, or lose deals by following up too late.

Tough competition

With so many competitive options available, businesses can have a tough time setting themselves apart from the competition.

ScoreShuttle Solutions

Our credit-enhancing toolkit 

ScoreShuttle has everything your customers need to improve their credit. By giving your clients access to ScoreShuttle, you can revive denied deals and increase revenue.

Better terms

When your customers use ScoreShuttle to increase their scores, they will likely qualify for more favorable loan terms and interest rates.

Improve financial literacy

ScoreShuttle’s e-learning series, Credit Camp, teaches your customers how to improve their credit and responsibly manage their finances.

Advanced lead management  

Our partner portal keeps leads in your internal sales funnel until they close. Login 24/7 to track progress and predict future sales.

Hot lead alerts keep you informed

Hot lead alerts notify you minute your customers reach the goal score you set so you can be the 1st to re-engage.

Get the upper hand

By offering customers a solution to their credit issues, you’ll build profitable relationships and add referral-worthy value to your business.