Due partially to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, online car shopping is quickly driving its way into the new normal of buying. In fact, a recent CDK Global survey in V12 shows that 90% of car buyers prefer to conduct some level of business online. Learn how to rev up your online auto sales with the following tips to dominate in digital.

Online Car Buying Trends

Before the coronavirus pandemic, online car shopping was already trending up. From the initial ‘what’s out there’ clicks to comparing the makes and models of their top choices, many car buyers journey’s start online. Although digital beginnings typically end with in-person deal signs, the latter portion of the buying process is also evolving. Since February, the coronavirus pandemic has brought in a new normal to the way both car buyers and sellers conduct business. To demonstrate, here are the latest stats.

In addition to the growing rate of online car browsing, a new Capgemini survey in Forbes goes on to reveal that 64% of consumers now favor completing the full car-buying transaction online – a 39% increase since the start of the virus. As a result, the need for a strong online auto presence is quickly advancing from an optional perk to a mandatory must. For this reason, below are a few tips to help you increase your online auto sales and stay ahead of the competition.

Create a Strong Online Auto Presence

The first step in increasing your online auto sales is to make sure your dealership has a well-oiled website. If you don’t already have a tech guru on staff, you may want to consider outsourcing to a development team that can cater your site and digital marketing efforts to the consumer base you’re after. Another great option is to partner with one, or several, online hubs that specialize in connecting prospective car buyers with sellers. Depending on your auto dealerships’ size and volume, popular sites like TrueCarCarsDirect, and AutoTrader could be worth a look.

Offer Virtual Car Shopping Options

Regardless of location or the usual times we are facing, offering virtual car shopping options can help you get in front of more potential buyers. Virtual 360-degree tours, digital chat features, and video sales appointments are becoming increasingly popular as the auto world advances. Furthermore, door-to-door test drives can also help provide customers with a sense of safety and convenience while making their final buying decision.

Simplify the Car Buying Process

In order to seal the deal in this new online normal, you should consider simplifying your buying process by going digital. In light of the favoring online shopping trends from above, 72% of car buyers also prefer to complete their credit and financing paperwork digitally. With social distancing recommendations in mind, utilizing online application options and credit-enhancement platforms like ScoreShuttle can speed up the approval process and potentially help you close more deals.

Bad Credit Auto Financing Software Solutions

Lastly, due to the economic impact of the coronavirus, the need for bad credit auto financing is also becoming more prevalent. By offering your bad credit auto financing base access to ScoreShuttle now, you can give them a digital solution to increase their credit scores on their own. The software’s lead management system will track your subprime or denied lead’s credit progress and will send you an alert the minute they reach the score threshold you set. To learn more, click here or send an email to [email protected] to request a software demo and start revving up your online auto sales in no time.

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